Sharing Activeness As Amplifiers in Terms of Prosperity of Macau's Tourism
Feb 07 2017 488
Many experts put forward that many elements were connected to sharing economy. However, few of people recognized that sharing activeness also played an important role in sharing economy, especially for community travel. In other words, sharing activeness is the foundation stone of community travel.

Under the background of Big Bang of Sharing Economy, many large travel cities are planning to be its own and inspire residents to share in their journey. Macau aims to improve consumption of Serviceability accounted for the whole travel. Thus, It is critical to inspire Macau's resident to contact with tourists--that means to improve sharing activeness. 

How Could Society Improve Sharing Economy Better

To begin with, improving bearing capacity of Macau Tourism is first but not the last. It is indispensable for large tourists to participate before conformation of attraction and tour. It is impossible for old city zone to put forward unlimited new plan to multiple the profit of tourism owe to Local Protectionism and Tour Greenism. In one hand, government has to protect the resident life from crowdedness. In the other hand, travel source is limited and we can not damage environment to attain more source.

Secondly, it is beneficial for old-city-zone environment if Sharing Economy is popular in old-zone Macau. A large of business opportunities would flock to old-zone Macau and create more job opportunities. The reason why community travel is effortless is residents are not passionate to participate in travel. There is no travel platform for resident to join.

Thirdly, specialistic requirement for Macau tourism is neglected except for popular attraction. There seems to be less and less tourists are interested in nature tour. It may be owe to bad-proportioned propaganda and few available hostel for accommodation. Government should make depth tour and day tour popularize.

What About Individual

Sharing Economy should not be just existing in Uber, Airbnb. Thus, add-on business which will improve sharing activeness would be more beneficial than talk with Sharing Economy only. Let us get in touch with latest add-on business. Big Promotion is organized by Macau Tower 360 Cafe during Feb to Mar 2017. Buy 4 tickets of 360 Cafe Dinner and it is free for 1 in group of 4. If you are group of 2, then find out your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, and enlarge to group of 4 or multiple of 4. 
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