iPhone7 128G Is Great Recommended in Terms of Storage & Price
Sep 01 2016 236

iPhone7 128G Is Great Recommended in Terms of Storage & Price

How large iPhone7 storage will be? What size of storage is recommended for better cost-effective? Keynote live streaming of iPhone7 is announced. In Sep 7th, iPhone7 is released normally. Since iPhone6s is released last year, we have so much forecast and private releasing. No so much expectation about iPhone7, such as appearance, model, color, size, storage, material, function, double cameras,headphone jack, crystal monitor.
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Model Comparison of iPhone7 & iPhone7 Plus

Some news releases model of iPhone7 & iPhone7 Plus. The former one is A1778, and the latter one is A1784. Prototype of iPhone7& iPhone7 Plus is D10 & D11. 16G has been revocated, D10 is the new generation of 32G iPhone7. Before this, Toshiba releases list of flash memory which presents new storage of iPhone7 & iPhone7 Plus. Instead of 16G, 32G is the new piece of storage. However, 64G is cancelled directly, coming after version of 128G & 256G.

Why does Apple change storage of iPhone since iPhone7?

There is new change of photography model of iPhone7 & iPhone7 Plus. RAM is covered more and more by System Update and sofeware & app. Buy 128G iPhone7 is best choice, for RAM may be not enough.

According to Forbes, resolution of videos and photos has been upgrated. Moreover, Capacity of apps is covered more and more. 16G is not enough for use. For example, IOS has been covered 3G. 1G has been reserved for update. Parts of games of iOS & iTunes has covered 3G to 4G. Photo taken by back cameras cover 3-4 G. Live photo has been covered at least 7-8M. Video of 1080p takes 200M per min while 4k takes 375M per min. 

Price Comparison iPhone6s & iPhone7 & iPhone7s

HK is one of first releasing areas. Normal releasing date is on Sep 16th, with same basic price with iPhone6s.
  16G 64G 128G
iPhone6s Plus HK6388 HK7188 HK8088

  32G 128G 256G
iPhone7 HK5588 HK6388 HK7188
iPhone7S HK6388 HK7188 HK8088


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