Helpful Guide Wang Bi Jib BBQ Jongno Q&A
Mar 10 2016 346
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Wang Bi Jib BBQ Jongno is also as famous as headquarter nearby City Hall. Hulutrip provides you with Q&A which is a helpful guide to get familiar with Wang Bi Jib BBQ.Reviews on Wang Bi Jib will leave alone being the topic of another article.   Coupon    Review    Recipe    
Q   How to Book Wang Bi Jib?

A   1. Choose a date, and input the information of one customer. 'Payment Has Been Made' means your booking is confirmed.
      2. After Booking, check the reserved mailbox, use phone to show the confirmation sheet, and click "buy coupons" so that businesses can be confirmed.
      3. After successful payment, receive the E-ticket via your Email. Then print it, and redeem it in time.

Q   WHAT is its office hour?

A   11:30am-11:00pm (Mid Autumn Festival&Spring Festival on the day of rest)

Q   Is there limit on package?

A   Yes, each package is limit for 2 people.

Q   Any additional service fee or tax?

A   Included in meal.

Q   What to eat within E-ticket?

A   Beef meal (cattle meat assorted cold dishes + beef pork +  staple in cattle ridge)
      The princess home beauty packages (barbecue ribs + Fuxin meat + staple food seasoning)
     The princess home barbecue flavor package (pork + Porkneck + Steak Seasoning meat Huxin food)

Q   Is there any smoking area?

A   Sorry, only non-smoking area.

Q   Any assistance for foreigners?

A   English, Japanese, and Chinese.


Q   What is its reservation number?

A   +82-2-3789-1945

Q   Where is Wang Bi Jib and how to find?

A    Seoul city Jongno iron cross hole 12-1 No.1,2,3,4 layer
       Metro Line 2 Euljiro 1-ga entrance station exit No.3,
       find out coffeebeen direction is to the right to go in,
       turn right and go straight, until you see the right side mirae asset,
       mirae asset after the left hand side of the bridge,

       go straight, when seeing the blue signs, go ahead , on the second floor is "Wang Bi Jib"!


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