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Mar 10 2016 447
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Q  Where is the Masborae Jeukseok Tteokbokki? How can we get there?

A  From this picture, Masborae Jeukseok Tteokbokki is located in Insadong. Its address is 9 Insadong 3-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul.  By metro, Line 3 Station Jongno 3-ga, Exit 5.

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Q What about Tteokbokki?

A Tteobokki is great delicacy of versatility. Cheese, bbq, and kimchi Tteokbokki is very famous for most visitors. Spicy hotpot shocks the foreigners, and makes them free from anxiety. 

Q  Is the Masborae Tteokbokki Insadong good enough in repect of space?

A  Masborae provides you with the bright light and comfortable environment. 


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